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Welcome – I’m Cherryn

I was raised in Australia and I’m the fourth of seven children.  I found a great peace from the ocean and developed a great love for the heat.  You can see both in every background that I paint.  I am often told my work is constantly changing.  I consider this to be a great compliment, as it shows my personal growth and evolution as an artist and a human.  I am happy being an undefined artist.  I am thrilled to let what is inside my mind, come out on canvas and not feel restricted to appease anybody else’s desire or need.


Perception and reality play a huge role in the course of our lives.  Our ability to rationalize and deceive ourselves is quite powerful.  Through my art, I’ve been able to unlock these hidden parts of myself that, even while I’m painting, I don’t quite realize what is coming out until I see the whole picture.  Each painting is a small adventure.  I turn out to be the viewer as well as the creator.



I often paint feminine energy.  I truly believe that women are remarkable, and that we should celebrate what makes us beautiful creatures.  We bring life to the world.  We should embrace and love each other and make that our focus.  I also feel that it is the balance between the masculine and the feminine that brings peace and understanding.


Movement, color, and texture are everywhere.  I want you to feel something when you look at my pieces.  I want the emotions that I put into my work to carry over forever.  I want the resonance of what I felt when I painted to continue so that when someone connects with something I’ve painted, they can maybe catch a glimpse of how I see the world.  I love to create what I see in my heart and in my mind, paint what I feel through the energy of others and the life that is around me, and draw inspiration from the intimate experiences of my life.


I’ve learned to trust and surrender to my process.  I know my work is unconventional, and that my work is very different, but I’ve learned to celebrate my uniqueness.  That is what makes my art what it is.  The more I embrace this, the more I find I connect with others.  This reason, in and of itself, is reason enough to continue creating for me.

I was born and raised in Australia.  I spent much of my life on the beautiful white sand beaches!  There I was fortunate enough to see the spectacular, breathtakingly beautiful color and light frequently on display at sunset and sunrise.  The way the light moved on the water and reflected off everything left its impression on me.

I moved to the United States many years ago and have called the mountains home ever since.  I find the life, color and feeling here to hold equal beauty and inspiration.  I have a deep fascination and respect for the energy of our world and how it connects us all.  How we in turn affect each other.