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In Person Experience Podcast – Epidode 1 &

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Pod Cast Transcript:

Hello, my name is Cherryn Girdwood White and I am otherwise known as the Artsy
And I’m coming to you today to give you a little background information about me and who I
am as a person and what I do with my life and give you a little bit more of the in person
experience with the behind the scenes of the Artsy Aussie and what goes on to make the
dream become a reality.
So, first of all my name is Cherryn. I am an artist. I am a mother. I am a wife. I have 4
children. I grew up in Australia. I’m the 4th of 7 children. And I have spent half of my life in
the United States and half of my life in Australia, and both countries obviously have had a
dramatic impact on me and the way I look at my life and the way I make decisions in my
But one thing that has always been consistent and always been there is, the creative
process. So, I’ve always been a creator. Doesn’t matter what capacity I am creating in. I
predominantly do like to paint with oil paints. But, I will create with… everything. So, I like
to work with water colors sometimes, oil pastels, chalk pastels. I like to create with the
earth. I like to sculpt and plant things and, I like to just be creative. When I was a younger
girl, I did things called Rock Eisteddfod in Australia, that’s going back a very long time now.
Where we would create dance routines and costumes and lights and the music. We’d make
an 8 minute story basically that was dance and music and compete against the other
schools. So, I’ve really actively been engaged in creative process my whole life and I have
a really deep passion for it.
So, a few months back I was sitting with a good friend of mine, and she helped me come to
the understanding that, I needed to not sell my original paintings anymore. These soul
creations that come from a very, very deep and personal place inside of me, have far too
much value to me than money could ever replace. So, as an artist, I had had this
preconceived idea and preconceived knowledge that being an artist meant that I had to sell
my paintings and sell my work and that was the way that I would support my family. And,
she helped me to understand that there was many other ways that you could support your
family and live your dream and live your passion, and still have all of the same kind of, um,
needs met in your day to day life in the other aspect of things.
So, a few months ago, like I said, I decided to stop selling my originals, and then spent a
few more months doing a lot of lateral thinking, a lot of collaborating with friends and trusted
circle, about how I would move forward as an artist, preserving my need for quality and for,
um, the environment, all of the things that are necessary for me, Cherryn, to be, a citizen of
the world that feels good. Does that make sense? Anyway, so, um, that is how the leggings
came to be. That’s how the yoga pants came to be.
So, I think I had restricted myself pretty significantly in the way I was thinking about, how I
could move forward, and my husband is actually the one that said, “Che. You should. You
should put these on some pants. Like, people would wear these on pants.” And then my
sister said, “Oh my gosh, I would love to have your lions especially, on a sweater or some
clothing.” So then started the process of finding manufacturers, and looking for
manufacturers that met up to the standards that I was going for, so I would have
responsible spending, and have responsible amount of, um, effort towards environmental
impact. So I found a company that has, eco-friendly dye, eco-friendly fabric. It’s printed in
North America. The quality is amazing. And, these beautiful paintings that, of these
Goddesses and beautiful tree people and the energy of life and flow is now represented in a
way that, is so much more affordable for the general public and falls into a category that I
can support and stand behind. Because, let’s face it, 100% of my life, OK look, 90% of my
life, I am in yoga pants. I am wearing these things. So, uh not only a fashion that I can

support, it’s a fashion that I want to wear as well. So, it’s been the most delightful
experience stepping into this role, and filling this different, creative, um, avenue? Sitting
and designing, and um, collaborating in this different way has sparked an energy inside of
me that feels, new and, I think I’m at the point of life when I was truly ready to embrace it.
So, there’s lots of things going on. Lots of models going out on photoshoots, and lots of
events that are planned and coming up.
So, stay tuned for the Artsy Aussie Experience, it’s coming your way. I will be coming to
your city. I will be coming to see you. And, bringing my beautiful art and my wearable art,
along with me so that you can see it and get a feel for it yourself. Because I’ve always been
a fair believer that there is nothing quite like the in person experience for my paintings. And
there is nothing quite like the in person experience of actually trying these beautiful, yoga
pants on your body. Seeing the fit, feel, quality, and seeing that these things that are really
important to me have been translated into this product.
So, without further ado, I’m going to jump right in and start with one of my personal, favorite
paintings. It’s name is “The Journey”. Or, “Journey.” This painting is 48″ by 72″ which is,
fairly large, 4′ by 7, 6′. 4′ by 6′. And it’s an oil on canvas. If you’d like to see the full
resolution of this image, it’s available for you to see over at, Um,
OK, so this piece for me, this was um, this was a huge transitional piece for me, because, it
was at a time in my life when I could afford to buy the paint.
So, as an artist, you know the phrase “starving artist” or “feast or famine” with artists is not
far removed from the truth. Because, you know when you live the life of an artist you really
want to dedicate everything you have to um, creating. And, oil paint and canvas is not, an
inexpensive medium to have as your hobby. And it’s even worse if that is not a hobby, it’s
your actual career. So, the amount of paint that went onto this canvas. The sheer weight of
this canvas is pretty impressive.
Um, now when you’re looking at this piece, I’m sure there’s an image on the front of the
podcast that you can look at on the “The Journey” but, when you look at this piece I’m sure
you’re going to pick up the artistic influence which is Van Gogh. Um, I have to tell you that
as a young woman, a young girl, when I very first saw this man’s work, it transported me to
a different place altogether. I mean. His color, movement and texture. The three things
that light me up inside. Color, movement, texture. That made me excited looking at his
work and seeing his work, made me excited. So, the background of this piece is truly a
throw-back to Vincent’s work, and the swirling sky. And the beautiful energy that he created
with the appearance of wind, through the movement of his paint. I’m highly, highly inspired
by the Impressionists, light. And the way light effects things and colors, and man that’s
always been really inspiring, and really gets me going.
So, um, a little bit about this painting, um, I’m going to direct your eyes first of all to, some of
the secret things that people don’t actually know there artistic secrets about the painting
itself. So, if you actually look at right across the skyline, the horizon line, you’re going to
see that it looks like little trees? On the horizon line. But actually those are water spouts
from the dolphins, that are swimming across the top of the mountains, in the blue and the
green. And, um of course then, if you come right down to the very front of the piece, there’s
the Orca. And, the Orca is the journey, going on the journey with the woman who is in the
Now the thing about this people that not many people actually know is that the woman in
the boat and the tree is that embracing love. They are the same, the same entity. So this
piece is. This is about embracing the now. It’s about embracing the beautiful moment of
now. And how, when we give our self the gift of staying in the present, and not looking
forward, and not looking backwards, that we have this, remarkable ability to effect change.

And, when we, um, engage in going into the present, or, I mean going into the future, or
going into the past, when we engage too much in that activity, we rob ourselves of this
beautiful, present moment. And, of, OK so the tree woman, you can see that her crown
Chakra, and her heart Chakra are both lit up with love. And that she’s pulling that green
energy right out of the Earth. Right through her whole body. Um, if you look up into the
right hand branch of the tree. Of the Dryad. You can see that there’s this Southern Cross
Stars in that branch. And then there’s also the Southern Cross constellation, in her hair. I
always do four branches coming off the head or coming off of the arms because, I have four
children. I have four boy children. So that’s representative of me, and who I am. And, this
painting is about my own journey, and how we’re all birthed through fire. And, we all go
through the birthing of fire and coming through fire to, come to the place of knowing and
understanding ourselves better. Um, a lot of people ask me why the water is made out of
lava, and it’s not. It’s just reflective. Water is remarkably reflective.
However, I’ve always been a firm believer that, if you see something in my piece, and that is
definitely for you. So if you see a lava lake, then the lake is supposed to be lava for you,
and that’s representative for you. So, um, this piece, like I said is one of my personal
favorites. The color, movement, texture, excites me. I feel the color balance is really
beautiful in this piece. The movement going across the piece, through the piece. The way
your eye wants to move around the piece. Always very exciting. Standing in front of this
piece is very different, because, it’s all, inclusive. You like, don’t have anywhere else to
look. And, the texture is really captivating. And of course, in person, the colors are so
much more vibrant. There’s, the camera just can’t manage to capture. Especially through
the red shades. It doesn’t capture all the, the colors. So. Alright, that’s the piece, that I
wanted to talk to you about this week. “The Journey.” 48 by 72.
And then, a little bit of a shout out here. We’ve got, I’ve got an event coming up, at Rigby
Zumba, on the 25th, Monday the 25th at Rigby Zumba. If you’ve never had a chance to
check out, Jodi Bozung and her Rigby Zumba, it is. Next. Level. Funness. There are no
mirrors. All of the lights go off. The disco lights come on. She has the most killer, sound
system and she is such a fun instructor. So on the 25th, we are doing an event together
and I will be, along with all of the other things that Jodi is giving away for her promotional
event on the 25th. I will also be offering a free pair of leggings! A free pair of yoga pants to
uh, one lucky winner that comes to the class that night. It will be 90 minutes. From 8
o’clock until 9:30, so show up early to get your place, because Jodi’s classes are nice and
full. Which is awesome cause she’s the boss. So like I said, she has lots of giveaways. If
you’ve never been to Jodi’s class before, all you have to do is fill out the first waiver and
your first class is totally free! Otherwise it’s only 5 dollars for the class. So, I hope to see
you there. And check the link in the comments to see where Jodi’s studio is. So, thanks for
coming in, and checking in with me, and listening. I’ll see you all next week to talk about the
next piece.