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Podcast - In Person Experience - Episode 2

In Person Experience Podcast – Epidode 2 &

Artsy Aussie Custom Yoga Pants Giveaway at Rigby Zumba

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Pod Cast Transcript:

Hello and thank you again for joining me for week two of the In Person Experience with Cherryn Wight, me the Artsy Aussie.

I’m super excited to be doing this podcast.  It feels a little bit weird. But it’s good and it’s enjoyable.

I’m going to explain a little bit today a little bit more why the In Person Experience feels important to me.  And, I think it’s something along the lines of, you know when you meet somebody in person and you see them in person and you give them a big hug, that’s very very different than then sending you a text message that says hugging you.  Right? And the same is true of my paintings. Is that all the pictures on the internet or a calendar or a actual print itself, they’re very beautiful but it’s nothing compared to actually seeing the work in person. The energy translates.  You can feel something. And, I’ve never once had an experience where somebody’s come into my booth and said, “It was so flat and it doesn’t feel like anything.” That doesn’t, that doesn’t happen.

So, for me as an artist I feel very motivated to bring my work out into the world, and let it be seen, and let it be experienced.  One of the greatest things that, um, one of the greatest quotes that I love is by Van Gogh and, the quote itself says, “Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter’s soul” and it’s true, it’ so true.  I’m the creator of the piece yes that’s true, but it does take on a life of it’s own and I’ve seen that. I’ve been touring for almost 18 years now and every time that I go to shows and I meet, um, beautiful people out around the world and around the country, um, the same thing happens, you know standing in front of each piece, or that touches them and touches their soul and, that these creations that I’ve made move people inside of them.  They, it has a way of translating through and breaking through those barriers and boundaries and, resonates inside and the thing that I’ve learned the most, I’m going around and doing this journey of being an artist and showing my work, is that more often than not what people are truly looking for is validation that what is inside of them is valuable, or worth something and, I guess if I could translate anything to all of you that are listening, is that you are valuable you are definitely worth something and what you have inside of you is beautiful and, being you, is the most beautiful gift that you can give the whole free world.

I’m telling you, people being themselves and lighting up their genius and, truly living in their gift, that is the, that’s the most beautiful world that we could live in.  So, my goal as a creator would be to, mostly as well, inspire other people to feel, that what they have inside of them, is worth investigating. It’s worth magnifying. It’s worth looking at that quirk, looking at that thing that makes you different.  And saying, “Hey, this is me in all my weirdness. Look over here and look at my weirdness.” Because, you know there are people that, need to see it. We’re not here just for ourselves, we’re here for the planet, and magnifying your light, magnifying your gift, magnifying your quirk, living fully in your genius is the best gift that you could give us.

OK, so with that all being said about authenticity.  Um, I just want to tell you a little about what’s coming up this month.  On the 25th of February, I will be doing um, a giveaway at Rigby Zumba that’s here in Idaho.  And if, you’ve never been to Rigby Zumba oh my gosh! I would encourage you to get your butts over there.  It’s on Yellowstone Highway in Rigby. The teacher is Jodi Bozung. And, the reason why I love Jodi’s class, is because she is so invested in guiding her students.  She’s not up there to show off for the world. She’s not up there showing off, she’s not like, “Uh, look at me.” Um and I’ve taken her classes for years and years and years, and I love her as a human being.  She is a down-to-earth, just good human, and she just happens to have the most fun Zumba class ever. So lights go out, disco ball and disco lights go on. She has a killer sound system, a beautiful dance floor that you can, get your groove on and shake your booty.  It’s so much fun. It’s so much fun, I enjoy it so much. So, Jodi has graciously allowed me to do a, giveaway of a pair of yoga pants. Of winner’s choice, by the way. Winner’s choice. Um, on the 25th. So, you do have to show up. If you have never been to one of Jodi’s classes, you’ll fill out a waiver and you get to have your first class and experience for free, which is tremendously gracious I think.  You can also buy a punch card from Jodi, which is $25, and that gives you 10 punches which makes the class is ridiculously inexpensive, or you can just pay the $5 fee and take one class if you’ve already taken a class with her, but regardless the 25th is going to be off the hook. It starts at 8 p.m. I cannot wait to go and dance with Jodi, it’s when of my favorite things to do so, if you would like a chance to win a free pair of yoga pants, from me then you need to show up, and show your love for shaking your booty.

Um, OK, so about the in person experience as well.  Um, I’m going to be doing something a little bit different, which is pre-selling my yoga pants, before I come to your city for a show.  Um, the reason why I want to do that is because I would like to eliminate the shipping. The constant shipping all over the place. Because I already tour, and I already come to you, and I already come to your cities, then it makes sense that I would open up pre-orders, and that you would be able to order whatever it is that you want, and then I would bring it to you, and you could come to my booth, or wherever I’m going to be.  And see the beautiful work that is on your actual, uh this clothing that you will be wearing around, and you will see the energy and the way it will translate, onto you as well so. Um, I will, I will open up the pre-ordering 5 weeks before I hit a city. You’ll have, uh 1 week to make your orders, and then all ordering will be closed, and if you did want to pick up a pair of yoga pants from me than you would be able to select from the ones that I bring with me.

OK, so the painting that I’m actually going to be talking about today is Axis Mundi.  This painting was, ah it was, it was a beautiful journey, and it’s funny because, I was sitting in my studio and I was mixing the paint.  And, uh for a different piece, and I kind of when I’m in my studio time, stops. It really, it slows like to nothing. It’s like I could be standing in front of a canvas for 12 hours sometimes, and my husband will come in and say, “Che!  You haven’t, have you eaten anything today? Have you gone to the bathroom? What is going on? You’ve been working for 12 hours.” And it’s true, I just get lost in the paintings, but um, I was sitting and I was mixing paint, and Axis Mundi, she came into my mind like, it’s like she pushed all the other ideas right out of the way and was like, “Me!  It’s my turn.” So, I just put everything down and I pulled out of canvas and I unwrapped it and I put it up on a easel and I sketched her roughly onto the canvas, which is what I do. I, I do a rough sketch and then I let the paint be there when working the paint is where the magic happens. But, I could see her exactly how she was supposed to look and what she was supposed to feel like, and I felt tremendously insecure when I painted this piece because it’s so flat dimensionally, it’s just, uh, like one slice of what should be like a three-dimensional things.  So. Um, but sure enough she turned out the way that she is. This beautiful Goddess of lit up chakra alignment, and um, so I’ll tell you a little bit about the beautiful things that are in here that are significant to me and why they’re significant and what it means.

Axis Mundi is.  It’s about the complete connection that everybody is capable of getting.  If you are in a still moment or a still space and you are meditating and you are connected in all ways.  That nothing , nothing is overwhelming your mind. You are really truly connected with who you are as a person and fully aligned, that’s what Axis Mundi means.  So, this, dryad, this, this image, it’s, you know derived by the world tree look. Which is connected by the roots underneath, and connected up into the heavens.  That she’s connected through all seven chakra colors. Um, that she’s also connected with the highest color which is purple . Top and bottom. And, that it’s coming up right through the bottom.  I also, the Earth, that she’s standing on, has the feeling, if, if you could see the whole Earth that you would see that it’s actually an eye, and an Earth at the same time. And then she has these four branches that are, reaching down and holding the Earth because I have four children.  So those four things represent my four children.

Then this magenta area that is, um coming up into the red area of the tree, the base of the tree.  That is the shape of a hummingbird. And, if you’re interested in learning about the meanings behind animals, and animal totems then go ahead and do that research on your own it’s rather fascinating actually.  Um, so hummingbird energy is coming up through her, and, um, the fire energy that comes all the way up into yellow which is joy. Then the color of green is the hot chakra energy being all open. You can see that that green also circles her mouth as well.  A symbol of speaking love and being love, embracing love. And hawk and crow are her guards and guardians on left and right.

And then you can see that her crown is lit up with magenta, which is, you know the highest most beautiful color, and then the background is all the colors of feeling.  So, magenta, purple, orange. And then of course the purest white light, which is all source of energy. Um, so that’s what Axis Mundi is about and what she means. And, the energy that translates through from her, is about the fact that all people are capable of aligning.

We all have it in us.  We are all, able to get to that point of, being fully aligned, and fully awake, and fully living in our genius, and that’s the fire that I want to spread to the world.  I want to spread it out there that everybody can be who they’re supposed to be. And, what is inside, and all you have to do is stop listening to what everybody has told you that you are not!  And start embracing exactly who and what you are.

So that’s all for this week!  I would like to thank you again so much for joining me and listening to my little podcast about the behind the scenes of what’s going on with Artsy Aussie.  Uh, I guess I should add a little tidbit of what happened this week. I got to have another photo shoot this week. Which is weird! It is. It’s weird to go out and have photos taken, and to just embrace that side of yourself.  And, go fully with it. Um, but yes OK, that’s all for this week. Thank you for joining me and I will see you again next Friday!