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Podcast - In Person Experience - Episode 5

In Person Experience Podcast – Epidode 5


Pod Cast Transcript:

Hello!  Thank you so much for joining me for week 5.  I’m super grateful that you’re here, and joining me for this, podcast and this experience with me, this in person experience.  Um, I will be releasing my tour dates for the summer coming up here, March 21st. Uh, also what’s happening right now is CHEDAYS.  This is the celebration of Spring. You have until the 20th of March to use coupon code CHEDAYS at, in my store, to get 20% off anything you’d like to purchase on the whole website.  That includes prints, and the yoga pants. Take advantage of that if you would like to.

Um, like I said I will be releasing those tour dates coming up here next, 2 weeks from now actually, which is March 22nd.  Uh, my full summer release of tours, and you’ll, uh, have the opportunity to purchase Swag Bags, before I come to each city.  So you can avoid shipping, and get a discount, and come and pick up your Artsy Aussie stuff, from me at the local event. Uh, I like to come to your cities because, I want to show you the work in person.  It’s such a different experience, and truly if you’ve actually seen my work in person, and can attest to this, I would love for you to drop a comment, and let other people know what it is that I’m talking about.

Um, okay, anyway, so this week I wanted to talk about the fact that, uh, vulnerability is truly our greatest strength.  And, allowing ourselves to be seen in all of our vulnerable glory, meaning in all of our authentic self, and all of the ways that we are who we are, and how we express who we are.  Showing up in that fashion, is the greatest thing that we can do for the world, and the planet, and everybody around us. Being authentic and taking off our mask, uh, you know actually even understanding who we are enough to be able to take off the mask.  Something I learned as a, once I got through my teen years, and got through my early twenties and thirties. You know, I really came to understand that most of the people that I knew, including myself, we’re all wearing these masks, and people are loving us, and interacting, with our mask not our authentic self.  And, going through this autistic journey has given me, I guess a speed path to understanding the, what’s behind the mask, and having a, a comfortable feeling, and a secure feeling, about what’s underneath, you know. And being, um, so frequently in the spotlight in, at shows and meeting people, and holding space with my paintings, and being in that most vulnerable space.  And learning how to feel comfortable in that vulnerable space, regardless of what anyone else is saying. I think has given me a, a beautiful gift really, and I want to share that gift, I want to share that on with as many people as I possibly could. That being who you are and what you have inside is completely beautiful, and being vulnerable, and letting yourself be seen in your vulnerability, is equally as beautiful and special.

You know tapping into that space inside of us, and allowing what’s in there to come out is a challenge.  Because we’ve, you know mostly been taught all of our lives to conform, and fit in and not to stand out, not to draw attention to ourselves.  But the truth it really is, that when you get into that authentic space inside of you, and you connect into what makes you who you are, and then you light that up, and then you gift it out.  Man that’s when magic starts to happen. That’s when the journey starts getting really exciting, and life becomes more magical, and full of passion and wonder. Huh, that feels like a worthwhile mission in life.  To help other people see the truth of themselves.

This week I’m going to be talking about a very special piece to me.  It’s called Sweet Embrace. And I painted this piece, right before I got married.  So it came before Clarity, and it came before Flow. And, um, this piece, it represents so very much.  So first of all, you can see that in the background it’s, it’s a sunset piece. And, there’s both ocean and mountains, because I grew up on the ocean, but I have a, deep and profound love for these, beautiful mountains.  I live in Idaho. And I find Idaho to be incredibly beautiful. The big open spaces, these giant mountains. The very distinct four seasons. It, creates, an, a lovely diversity for your year. It creates a lovely diversity for your life.  It’s very peaceful place to live. It’s very peaceful here. I love that. Um, but I love the peace of the ocean as well. The, water, the sound, the waves, the feeling. They both hold equal weight and magic for me. And so, they’re both represented in this canvas.

That red and magenta that’s right on that horizon line, that, those two colors together really, I really like those two together.  And then this Phthalo Blue that’s in the background, you’re going to see that in so many of my paintings, because that color, it makes me happy.  I don’t know how else to explain that. But, it color, the color makes me happy. Color itself, color, movement, texture, those three things really, truly inspire me.

OK, so moving forward in this piece, you can see that there’s a, you know, a masculine and feminine that are embracing each other.  Now there’s so many ways, so many different ways that people see this. So for me I should say there’s a masculine and a feminine embracing each other.  Some people see a mother and a daughter. Some people see a father and a daughter. Some people see two lovers. Some people to see two women. Some people see a man and a woman.  And, I’m going to say the same thing again. Whatever you see is correct. It really is your perspective and what you see in the piece, is your message to you.

OK, so this, the purpose of this though is to explain a little bit more about what my perspective was in painting the piece.

So the, the step deeper on this, that you would take, is it this is the representation of one being, not two separate beings.  And, if you could imagine for a moment that this is the representation of your masculine, and your feminine side, inside of yourself.  And that this is the way that you feel, towards each side, of your ying and yang. That you would be embracing, and loving, and supporting, and cherishing all elements of who you are inside.  That’s what this piece really, truly symbolizes. It’s the, in the time of my life, it was right when I was getting married, and I did this is a celebration of the love that I shared for, this man I was marrying.  But truly, all the pieces are deeper meaning, deeper response for me personally. And my love for the ocean and mountains, and my understanding of this need for balance. This need for honoring, what we have inside of us.  Both sides. Our strong masculine, our delicate and beautiful feminine. Our creative side and our logical side. We have these two sides of our brain. Ultra logical, ultra creative, that come together. These, these, this duality that comes together to make us whole.  That is, uh, you know it’s a vital part of, becoming a whole human being. And art, kind of is this way into that. Art is, it tells a story, you know. It is a way of communicating, without words, and art has a way of touching you. Right down deep in your soul that nothing else, in a way that nothing else can.  Art is a communication, and it expresses information, and downloads information, impressively well.

OK, so Sweet Embrace it, if you would like to hear the more in-depth reasoning behind each piece.  I invite you to become a patron of mine and support my Patreon podcast, which is the CheCAST. Now this is for a dollar each, each podcast is only one dollar, and I release them bi-weekly, so some months you’ll get three.  And this is just a way that you get a little personal more in-depth look into, um, what makes me, me. And how it makes me tick, and why I painted each piece in succession. Why I picked them to talk about. Um, you know kind of like that.

So, anyway, thank you I like to keep these little podcast short and sweet.  Thank you for joining me. Thank you for having a look at, Sweet Embrace with me.  Uh, and again if you would like to get anything from my website, now is the time to do it.  We have CHEDAYS promotion going until the 20th of March, and I will see you all next week. Thank you so much for joining me.