Boy Shorts – Super soft fabric combo

Made from our super soft peachskin jersey in 92% polyester, 8% spandex and lined with cotton spandex for comfort.

Vibrant print

Never-fade full color sublimation print lasts even with repeated wear and washing

Activeseam finishing

We sew our undies with one of the most unique and advanced industrial sewing machines for stretch fabrics, the Activeseam machine from Merrow!  The Activeseam stitch allows for maximum flexibility in your garment while laying completely flat to prevent bulk or discomfort at seams.  It’s a visible stitch on the garment so your seams are now a design.

Matching sets

Create matching his and her undies with the same print! Your undies can match and the rest of the world will never know it.


Wash cold and hang dry / tumble dry low