Premium PHOTO GICLÉE PRINT of “Moraka”

12″ x 16″

Numbered and signed

Printed on 280lb glossy photo paper

Print only $100

Framed for $175 (available in store only at Healing Hands Reiki and Massage 429 B ST Idaho Falls, ID 83401 (208) 542-5446)

Quantities limited to 50 or 100 per print

What does Giclée mean?

“Giclée” is a French term, which means to spray ink.  The pronunciation of giclée is “zhee-clay.”

Essentially a giclée is the reproduction an original 2 dimensional work of art using a highly specialized inkjet printer.  Giclée have a much higher resolution than offset lithographs and the dynamic color range is far greater than that of a serigraph.

Giclée are produced using a high-resolution inkjet printer, which can spray ink as small as 1/100th the width of human hair, this process is generally regarded by the art industry as “the highest quality reproduction available” and in many cases are indistinguishable from the original artwork.

What makes a giclée limited edition valuable?

Here are some of the reasons why art buyers consider purchasing a giclée artwork.

High quality

Giclée is estimated to remain colorfast for 75 years or more

The giclée printing process provides better color accuracy than almost any other means of reproduction.

Limited editions of below 400 in number are proven to have excellent resale value. As with any desirable product where demand exceeds supply as the limited edition begins to sell out and rarity becomes a factor the artwork generally begins to increase in value.